We are delighted that you have found your way to Zion! We are a diverse, multicultural community of believers; joyfully praising God and lovingly serving our neighbors. Zion has been a vibrant part of the Ferguson and North St. Louis County communities since 1909. Since then, the faces, names, and origins of our people have changed. However, the mission of the church has not changed: living together by God’s Word, we welcome, serve, and lead others to Christ.

Goals:  Zion is committed to its future and to staying on the path of redefining and redeveloping in an effort to be a more missional congregation connected to its community and the wider world.  Our goals include continuing to improve our worship experiences, increase our focus on education, especially for our youth and the CDC, and expand our efforts related to service work outside our walls.  We are very excited about our redevelopment and renewal.


1.)  We are committed to worship and to providing an excellent worship experience for all ages and races.  We want to continue to provide opportunities for lay leadership to serve in all areas of worship.  Our ability to spread God’s word to others is to understand the Word and Sacrament and to keep that at the heart of all we do.

2.)  Education is another key area of our mission.  We see the lack of education as a risk in our community and we want to be involved in finding solutions.  We also are committed to continuing the education of young children in our CDC and church.  Finally, we want to educate both youth and adults in God’s word in order to equip them to carry God’s message in all ares of their lives.

3.)  Finally, we want to love and serve our neighbors both near and far.  We want to develop leaders in our congregation who can use their unique and special gifts to help others.  We want to build on what we have started by being involved in service work with other congregations to serve even more.  When asked, we want the people in the community to know who we are and what we are doing to join in and help the community.