Zion Lutheran Church of Ferguson has partnered with All Among Us Inc. (AAU) and has agreed to let them use the “Little Church” as a Women’s Care Center.

Their Mission: All Among Us Inc. is a young, non-profit organization focused on serving the homeless and those living in extreme poverty.  In all we do, All Among Us provides Love, Care, and Dignity.

Street Outreach:  Those working and volunteering with AAU build relationships with those living in poverty by providing immediate relief of food, hygiene products, and temporary street shelter, with the goal being to lead people to permanent supported housing.

Women’s Care Center: The Women’s Care Center (WCC) will house up to 20 at-risk women and provide women the opportunity to live in a safe environment and be surrounded by a community who cares for them.  WCC will provide resources needed for the women we serve to be one step closer to independent living.  The center will provide a safe home, healthy food, a licensed counselor to address mental health concerns, job training, transportation, case workers, peer counseling, clothing, substance abuse programs, living skills, education resources, and more.

At the WCC, the women will not need to leave during the day and return in the evening.  their stay at the Center will depend on their commitment and progress in meeting their own set goals.  We will assist with the women’s transition and stay involved with the women long-term.

How you can help:  Visit the All Among Us website to learn more about or donate to this great organization.  Together, let’s move these ladies into a safe and nurturing care center!