Zion Child Development Center was opened in 1973 by Zion Lutheran Church as a non-profit organization to meet the developmental and educational needs of the children of the community.  The Center provides a supportive environment in which both child and parent benefit.  Our purpose is to provide a safe and loving environment in which a child can be stimulated intellectually, challenged physically, nurtured emotionally, prepared socially and spiritually guided.

The Center’s program philosophy will concentrate on the combination of the convictions of the director, the teachers, the parent and the child.  The learning experience will be both a blend of teacher-led activities and the child’s independent discovery through play.  All children are gifted in their own right and will progress at their own rate.  Our program will adapt to meet individual needs.  Parents are encouraged to visit the Center and participate in all phases of the program, including field trips, social programs, and classroom curriculum.

All Classrooms will follow a basic agenda as designed by the director to maintain an optimum level of performance in each group.  The pre-school curriculum begins with the two year olds and continues through the preparation for kindergarten.  Friendly competition with good sportsmanship is encouraged.  Children will learn to explore alternatives and examine the consequences of inappropriate behavior in order to develop a positive self-esteem.

Since child care is a joint effort between the parent and the child care provider, our continuous goal will be to assist children in realizing their fullest potential and empower them to learn through their self-exploration.

2019 Parent Handbook